Friday March 6 2020

Peruvian Graphic Art Exhibit
from 5:00pm – 9:pm

Music guest: TBA

Old Town Gallery

Grafica Peruana

An exhibition of contemporary Peruvian graphic art. 

This collection features one of the best-known manifestations of Peruvian folk art, characterized by the use of letters in fluorescent colors, the city as a visual space, Andean iconography, animals, and iconic personalities that mark the evolution of a local and national cultural identity.

The artwork presented in this exhibition is part of a selection made by our artist William Hernandez on his recent trip to Peru last summer. This international collaboration and exchange project includes pieces by Peruvian artists who have never been shown in Portland, OR.

This graphic folk art is a cultural manifestation of the local identity where artists cover different themes of social reality and everyday life. Works such as “El Ambulante Audiovisual” (Arturo Diaz Quiroz) portray unique characters and moments that the artist captures with his camera lens. Juan Francisco Quinteros uses screen printing and ink to transform urban and rural landscapes, via its routes and the conceptual influence of the ethereal, to a state of mind.