A man doesn’t show strength by beating his chest. A man shows strength by beating the odds.

– Personal quote

Book Presentation

 Thursday December 2 2021
118 NW Couch St
1:00 pm

Richard Ian Wilde is a Pacific Northwest writer and newly published author. He has been writing since he was a teenager. He felt that the time was right for him to publish many of his poems, aphorisms, short stories and short essays. His book, Coming of Age: Collections, Recollections, and Predilections, is a work reflecting the author’s impressions of life from past and present, together with his views on life. As he states, “They are about people I have met or known and experiences I have had. Others reflect my views and aspirations about life. I have put them together simply because I wish to share them. Perhaps they will be of help to someone, make someone laugh, or help someone to think in a new way.” Richard makes his home in Portland, Oregon.