PDX Friday January 7 2022.

Enter the realm of cyclic samsara, birthing, thriving, and withering, to be reborn again. This collection of oil paintings and ceramic sculptures is rooted in philosophy seen through a surrealistic lens. The images toy with impermanence, pressing the boundaries of reality and invoking circus deities. The work is laced with symbolism and embedded with mystic, all disguised in fantastic form.

from 6:00pm

Old Town Gallery Cafe


My work embodies a fusion of techniques, experiences, and styles. I lived abroad for 15 years and recently relocated to Portland, where I produce ceramics, and paintings. I have both academic and practical training in Fine Arts. During my years of travel, I was immersed into many different cultures and always tried to learn as much of the local language as I could. I lived in approximately 30 countries, seldom returning to the United States. These experiences have shaped my artistic work and my character. The focus of my travel was to conduct independent research into ancient cultures and draw similarities between them. The theme of my artwork, regardless of medium, is to connect cultures and civilizations emphasizing all people originate from one human race. I moved to China from Peru in 2014, I spent 5 years total in Asia. Over these years I traveled to most East Asian countries researching the culture, art, and religion. In 2016 I moved to Lhasa to study Tibetan Language and oil painting at Tibet University. During my stay in Lhasa, I underwent training in Traditional Buddhist Thangka painting at Dan Ba Rao Dan Thangka Institute. Asian themes and languages are very influential in my work. The cultures I have studied are fundamental and inexhaustible sources of inspiration. My work aims to translate the traditional and archaic into a contemporary tongue.

Sam Edwards Comedian

7:00 PM

Sam’s style of comedy is like watching a toddler fall down a flight of stairs.
You might feel a little guilty for laughing at the time,
But you are definitely going to tell your friends about it,
His dark yet lighthearted set up, punch style,
will have you wanting more as he walks you through his arsenal of jokes.

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