Sam Edwards
Avid child neglecter
and “allegedly” a piss poor boyfriend

Sam’s style of comedy is like watching a toddler fall down a flight of stairs.
You might feel a little guilty for laughing at the time,
But you are definitely going to tell your friends about it,
His dark yet lighthearted set up, punch style,
will have you wanting more as he walks you through his arsenal of jokes.

Sam’s recent midlife crises has drove him to give up his dead end job and put his only child up for adoption and has been entertaining crowds with his jokes ever since. Hoping to leave a legacy of laughter wherever he goes.

Inspired by the comedic genius of Anthony Jeselnick , Steven Wright and Gary Larson
Sam started telling his infectious jokes all over Portland and Vancouver.

Sam has Heated up rooms for Great comics such as Kyle Kinane, Todd Royce and other local legends.
Helping him evolve and improve his craft of writing and performance.

So if you like good humor and need a laugh to forget your problems, before you reach for drugs or alcohol, Get a baby sitter and come see Sam Perform. He to needs a reason to leave the kid at home too. Since the adoption ad has gone unanswered.