“Challenging Conversations”

Saturday 2 December 2023

What is the Wellspring Collective? The Wellspring Collective is a coming together of musical collaboration and creative expression that uses a human-centric approach to make music and community accessible for all. We believe music is a common shared language; our goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment where anyone has the chance to share their heART, no matter their background. We come together to learn, enjoy, support and expand our minds with open heARTs through the vast range of talents that live within us all.
*The Wellspring Collective is managed by John Carter – Instagram: @john.a.carter

Cafe United and Gallery


– “You’re Already in the Band!”
Polyjamorous is the main band tied to the Wellspring Collective. Our slogan being, “You’re already in the band,” meaning even you, yes YOU, could be a part of the band! Each month Wellspring Collective hosts a music showcase and open mic where local musicians, artists, and poets alike are invited to come together to share their talents with the broader community. Each month has a theme: the theme for December being “challenging conversations.” Polyjamorous appears at each event with the stage OPEN for any and all to join for LIVE IMPROV SESSIONS. This may seem daunting on a stage, but fear not! We host a weekly jam at The Haven on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-12am. Stop on by if you’re curious and would like to try it out.

Visual Artists
Many of the musicians involved with the Wellspring Collective are multi-faceted creatives. Featured here in this gallery are 6 visual artists, most of whom are also musicians who have been featured in our monthly events. With the opportunity to host our event at Café United, we were able to hang a gallery that showcases the fine art talents of many loved members of our community. The gallery is open for all, as is the stage.

*This month’s gallery was curated by Saige Martinez – Instagram: @saige.loveyourself
If you are interested in being showcased at an upcoming event as a musician or visual artist, please get in contact with us!
*For more information about the Wellspring Collective, please email us at Wellspringmusicpdx@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram @wellspring_polyj