Friday February 7 2020

Art Exhibit by Eduardo Cruz
from 5:30pm – 9:pm

Performance guest: Huehca Omeyoacan Ansestral Dance Company
7:45 -8:30pm

Old Town Gallery

Eduardo Cruz

Self thought artist that developed a unique and intricate style at a very young age . Must of his early works were just black ink, after several years he started exploring other mediums.
Some of his works today include: coated steel sheet metal etching, metal engravings and rock engravings, acrylic paint, and pyrography on various types of wood.

Huehca Omeyoacan

Ancestral dance inspired by the Mesoamerican Toltec Culture in central Mexico. in the Postclassic period. One of the mystic people that flourished and disappear in history of civilizations. The Group will be performing a interpretation of the prehispanic ceremony that the ancestors possibly created.