“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

Michelangelo Buonarroti

From Mexico City to Los Angeles, and now eastern Washington, and Portland Oregon. Native of Mexico City now living in the beautiful northwest of the United States. Sculpting to me is an encounter with an unknown form to be, and has been my most intimate connection to my own artwork. Each time I enter the challenge of creating a three dimensional form, pieces of clay morph in to magical structures. I have learned to render amazing creations through my hands. As human beings we often take from the Earth and never give back. To me, sculpting is an aesthetic obligation to recycle this clay that comes from the land we live on.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Nano Lopez for 26 years and am still learning from this master sculptor. In the beginning Nano introduced me into the archaic world of enlarging a sculpture, with mathematical equations and precision. Our process began with the understanding of form: drawing the configuration on paper and then projecting it onto a wall. We would then enlarge or reduce the final image on to paper to match our calculations and then glue the carbon copy on to plywood. This would soon be followed by filling empty spaces with foam, connecting points until the figure started to appear, and then applying 1/4″to 1/2″ of clay; little by little the final product took form and became a beautiful sculpture.

This work is offered to me primarily as commissions from many artists who need my specialties. I either enlarge table-size pieces into monumental-sized sculptures or reduce large forms in to smaller ones. I also create perfectly detailed statues that originate from ideas and/or photographs.


A fantastical creature composed by a trilogy group of mythological creatures that magically are represented here by a xoloitzcuintli (dog) kosatli (fox ) and tochtli ( Rabbit) names are in “Nahuatl” the language of the Aztecs.
 By the amount of shapes, forms, and colors the 3 show us the beauty of universal perspective,diversity, kindness, love and unity we desperately need as humans and creatures of this world.
Sollín. This name is composed of two words, Sol and Ollin. Sol is sun in Spanish and Ollin is a calendrical day which means movement, change and action in con junction together means “sun in movement“.