Buildings are the mountains of the city
With windows like the doors of ancient pueblos
The street lights are fallen stars
From the homes of angels
As I wander the kingdom
Called the street.


Madeline Clark


The unseen power
Like a spirit
Blows away
The dust of time
Exposing new growth
Carrying seeds of wisdom
Changing life’s landscape
Carrying dreams
Like an unseen power
Invisible but so existing.

By Madeline Clark

Ode to the Homeless


Who knows what it’s like
To sleep on the street?
To make a bed out of hard concrete
To be drenched with rain
To shiver in the cold
To be very young
Yet feel so old
To spend the night
Under the bridge
In ragged sleeping bags
As cold as a fridge
To long for a companion
But be alone
To long for something
That resembles a home?
The lonely moon knows!


By Madeline Clark

Visiting from Tucson Arizona, Maddy Brown Clark is a published Poet and Short Story Writer. A staunch supporter of street roots and  despite of a disability that never has been obstacle She loves to explore music and songwriting.

Maddy Brown Clark will be sharing some of her work at Old Town Gallery cafe on

Saturday, August 13
6:00 pm

No cover