Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) or is more common to say Dia de Muertos (Day of Dead) yes! there is a difference. This is a Mexican celebration of life to remember an honor those loved ones who no longer share a physical space with us. However, their presence is equal as longest the walk with us in our memories and hearts.  Event organized by propulsion Network.com ) art pieces are a contemporary a small perspective of the Day of the dead concept. Different artists from out network. Will display an art show for only one week. In addition with a traditional ofrenda installation. in the center of the gallery.

The exhibit will only be up from November 1 to November 4 2021

118 NW COuch ST
Portland Oregon

7:00am -11:00pm every day
Special Tours on the evening please contact art@propulsionnetwork.com

Invited Artists