he purpose of the Morpheus Youth Project is to create an accessible, safe and respectful environment that encourages positive growth and provides creative opportunities through the arts and humanities.  We believe that by investing in our youth through education and encouraging the development of self-awareness, we will provide viable tools and positive options for young people as they mature.

We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to develop into a positive and productive human being and to potentially become a community mentor for those who follow. By building confidence and instilling self-awareness, the youth in our programs develop the tools to transform their lives, which may have been unhealthy and self-destructive.

Morpheus Youth Project builds healthy communities for young people thru arts and culturally responsive activities.

Morpheus Youth Project uses workshops in the arts and education to provide culturally responsive learning opportunities for youth that stimulate healthy social interaction and positive youth development.

In an effort to create positive change with under-served youth, we focus on three strategic areas:

  • Marginalized communities such as outer East Portland and Gresham.
  • Entry level (county) juvenile justice facilities such as Multnomah and Marion County Juvenile Detention Centers.
  • Long term (state) facilities such as MacLaren Youth Corrections.