An arts-integrated, culturally and trauma responsive project providing audiovisual and holistic music programming for justice-involved, incarcerated, and marginalized youth in Oregon.

We work with a range of music artists who raise awareness of cultural music and support youth in skills building and alternative forms of healing.

To foster growth within our communities through music opportunities and mentorship and offer culturally-responsive, arts-integrated, and trauma-informed programming to support youth in their personal and professional development. By focusing on youth, we strive to foster community and cultural healing, disrupt recidivism cycles, poverty, and intergenerational trauma.

Keys Beats Bars core values create the foundation for our daily actions and inform the language we use in working with underserved youth.


We inspire others by emphasizing the value of finding joy in our artistic and professional practices and lives.


We base our integrity in social and emotional learning – treating others with respect, fairness, and compassion.


We create a sense of belonging through connecting with others over music, language, culture, and art.


We know that there is always room for growth with our youth and we encourage them to find their voice guided by supported self-realization.


We recognize the value in learning from our ancestors. In their efforts to build a better future for us, we have our role in cultivating that too.