Thursday June  8 2023

Photography Exhibit by Zapotec Photographer Baldomero
from 7:00pm – 8:pm

COMEDY Starts at 8:00 Pm

Propulsion ZONE

818 SW 1st Ave
Portland Oregon


Beautiful man, great comedy. After his recent success in Vegas. Tj will MC our first Comedy party.


Three years after have lived in Oaxaca city Baldomero Robles went back to San Pedro Canojos. Is a community in the middle of la northern mountains of Oaxaca where he spends his childhood. The need to access his own memories and explore a space charge with internal meanings and cultural roots. The feelings of belonging appear in his work in a complex manner. His desire to return to his childhood in his Zapotec culture. His photography is an internal and outside view of a contemporary contradiction of Mexico going through a social and cultural transformation.