Jordyn LaRaye

Native Portlander, works primarily with 35mm film. Each photo, shot analog, has been processed locally in the lab of Blue Moon Camera and Machine and is printed either as a color optic enlargement or inkjet scan enlargement.

Among the demands, overstimulation, and instant gratification of the modern digital era, Jordyn found refuge in film photography. In it, she seeks to pause and capture brief moments of quietness among life’s chaos and capture the contradiction of stillness with its joyful melancholy. Moments of embraced stillness allow space for peace and struggle to rise to the surface and coexist. Her work is an invitation to that momentary stillness- an invitation to pause and be at ease with life’s co-mingling of ambiguity and clarity, past and present, certainty and doubt, symbol and literal, joy and pain.

Jordyn LaRaye Photography

JANUARY 8 2020
from 5:00pm – 9:pm
Old Town Gallery