Art show
Friday June 4 2021
@ 7:00 pm
Old Town Gallery Cafe.

Dannika Sullivan is a self taught artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her passion for art was found at a young age by drawing with graphite, but her style began to develop when she was introduced to pastel pencils in college, which allowed her to branch out into a new world of color and texture. Now Dannika has found her new love in oil painting, creating realistic portraits and studies of objects and scenes that play with a mix of colors and styles. She is dedicated to continually experimenting with the paint and finding new ways to express emotions, thoughts, and states of mind she can’t find the words to explain. Often, she uses art to tap in to the truth behind the masks we often put on to hide our emotions in today’s modern world, but also attempts to reach for those moments of peace and presence within it that we often take for granted.