Art show
Friday June 4 2021

@ 7:00 pm
Old Town Gallery Cafe.


Artist Statement

When I make a piece of art, I’m looking for something beautiful, simple, and honest. This is
because when people don’t get in their own way, that’s how life is. I favor dry media, especially chalk pastels. I appreciate the process of drawing because it’s much more direct than painting. It lets me feel much closer to my subjects, which is important because I’m a figurative artist. I end up drawing myself and my husband the most because these are the people I understand the best. While I personally find us wonderful, there’s nothing “special” about us. Everyone has these quiet moments in their lives, so it becomes easy for other people to relate to my drawings. Figures in my work are often looking straight at the viewer, inviting them to participate in those quiet moments I’ve depicted. When someone looks at my work they can stop, breathe, and connect.

Allison Rose (b. 1997) grew up in the suburbs of New York. Recognizing at a young age that art was her true passiont, so she attended New Hampshire Institute of Art. There she studied under Christopher Pothier, Jason Bagatta, and Patricia Schappler. It was at NHIA that she developed a love for chalk pastels and figurative realism. After her graduation in 2018, she moved to Portland Oregon with her husband, transcendental poet Dāna Rāja Segovia, and her dog, Chloe. To counter the general messiness of the world, Rose seeks to capture calm and quiet moments of contemplation in her work. Those moments “in-between” the happenings of life are easy to overlook, but they are also core to the human experience. This commonality allows anyone to understand and relate to the figures in her pieces. Rose is currently a member artist at Red Trillium Gallery in Troutdale Oregon. She continues to show her work, both in New Hampshire and in Oregon.