November 2022

The project is an exploration of the origins and evolution of the traditional Mexican celebration Day of the Dead. The essence of respect, love, unity and humor prevalent in this celebration of life embraces any person connecting that question with the varies forms of love that define us as what means to be human. We are made of memories and stories inherited from past generations. There is not such thing as the present that is not shape by the past and no future that is shape by the present. 2022 Día de Muertos, a Celebration of life project will develop three Art installations in spaces sponsored by members or the Propulsion Network project. Old Town Gallery Cafe in Downtown Portland, JJ Studios in SE Powell and a third Prototype Installation Gallery site will take place in an area open to the public.

La Ofrenda
An important aspect of the Day of the Dead Celebration is rest in the memory that keeps our dead alive.  The practice that honors those who are no longer here it is an ancient practice.  “La ofrenda” is the display of offerings leave overnight for those visitors to enjoy and to let them know they are have not been forgotten. The art sites will have designated spaces for Oregon groups, individuals and organizations to participate with their own offerings. Your stories, your pictures, your words and objects will have a special place in the center of the installation.  In addition state and international artists will submit two dimensional art work thematic to Día de Muertos to be part of the installation. The work will be display in the three locations in 2022.

Dia de Muertos 2023

Each Art installation will represent one aspect of the tradition of Day of the dead. The art installations are thematic and have three sections within. One aspect is the design and the art made by Alejandro IV Barragan, Second it’s a space dedicated to a curated and thematic artwork from Oregon artists, in adition to invited national and international artists. The third and most important is the exterior table area like bulletin board where Groups, individuals and the local community in general are invited to place their own offerings.
This design and final presentation of each installation largely will depend on the space available at the location.  As we mention each installation will display the historical aspect of the tradition. However, installation based in the shipping containers and galleries will have more amenities than smaller ones.  
Art installations located in the Old town Gallery or a Street container as an example, will display larger built installations up to 14 feet tall. Murals and interactive features that create a fun and educational experience.  Teaching about the origins of the tradition reflects on the sharing aspect of the tradition itself where everyone is welcome.

The Map

Día de Muertos its one of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture. The tradition has evolved organically since pre-hispanic times. Never the less the essence and heart of the celebration remain untouched. To think that these 13 sites will be the only display of the tradition in Oregon will be an over statement. As many people despite their nationality or culture has adopted the tradition. Each site will display a map that will mark dates, times and locations of individuals or groups celebrating the tradition that will be open to the public during the last two weeks of October 2023 until the night of November 2.

NEPANTLA The Documentary
Nepantla is a place in our hearts. Nahuatl word that translates in between.