Ruth Parra Interview Propulsion Network about the progress of the organization in 2021. In addition to talk about the next first Friday event and the current Day of the death exhibit in Old Town Gallery Cafe.

Volunteer-Powered, Non-Commercial, Listener-Sponsored, Full-Strength Community Radio for Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, & the World!

Sobre KBOO en español


We broadcast at

  • 90.7 fm in Portland
  • 104.3 fm in Corvallis
  • 91.9 fm in Hood River

Our transmitter is located at the Stonehenge Tower in SW Portland – check out these great photos.

Core Values:

Values that are the essence of KBOO and should remain intact no matter how the station changes:

  • Community: local, accessible, empowering. welcoming, inclusive, participatory, involved
  • Progressive Perspective: questioning, vital, uncensored, controversial, activist resource, educational, journalistic integrity, reflecting justice, peace, sustainability and democracy.
  • Emotional Maturity: respectful, honest, fair, positive, peaceful, non-violent, engaging, open
  • Diversity: valuing, embracing, bridging, listening, understanding, giving voice
  • Leadership: bold, exploring, independent, cutting edge, responsible, excellence
  • Creativity: eclectic, traditional to experimental, idiosyncratic, innovative, iconoclastic. evolving, compelling
Hosted by: 
Every Tuesday from 2:30pm to 4:00pm.

The Tonalli Program is a Latina/o radio talk show covering local, regional and international news with an emphasis on social, cultural, educational and political analysis.


Radio Tonalli es un programa Latina/o que cubre noticias locales, regionales y internacionales con un énfasis en temas y análisis sociales, culturales, educativas y de politica.

Los puedes mandar un e-mail a o por facebook/radiotonalli.

Art Focus features Interviews artists, curators and critics. Lively voices talking about art, how it’s made and sometimes even what it means. Page back through KBOO’s schedule to find all the podcasts.

Every Tuesday from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Please send inquiries and questions

Hispanic public affairs and music / Temas de actualidad y música hispana

Every Tuesday from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM.

Buscando América es un programa cuyo objetivo es promover la acción para el cambio social a través de las artes, la música, entrevistas y debates políticos y culturales, con información sobre eventos de actualidad y oportunidades para la educación, un espacio para el activismo y las opiniones en las comunidades diversas de Portland y alrededores.

Buscando América ofrece una alternativa a los principales medios informando a la audiencia hispana sobre las crecientes oportunidades educativas, políticas, sociales y culturales en esta ciudad, ofreciendo un espacio para que todos los grupos comunitarios puedan alcanzar sus voces, su trabajo y compartirlo con el resto de la comunidad hispana. Al mismo tiempo, el programa quiere llevar las influencias y la diversidad cultural de todos los países que hablan español, a una creciendo comunidad multicultural que busca un espacio independiente para expresar sus identidades y necesidades.

Buscando América refleja los cuantos realidades de los países de América Latina, los Estados Unidos y España y expone a la audiencia a la rica herencia hispana al tiempo que muestra todas las situaciones controvertidas y a menudo críticas que viven en nuestras Américas.



Buscando America is a program aimed at educating and promoting action for social change through art, music, political and cultural debates and interviews, information on current events and opportunities in education, an space for activism and opinions in the diverse communities of Portland and vicinity.

Buscando America offers an alternative to the mainstream media informing the Hispanic audience of the growing educational, political, social and cultural opportunities in this city, offering a space for all the community groups to reach their voices, their work and share with the rest of the Hispanic people. At the same time, the program wants to bring the influences and cultural diversity af all of the Spanish speaking countries to a multicultural and growing community that is in seach of an independent space to express their identities and needs.

Buscando America reflects the multiple realities of the countries of Latin America, the United States and Spain and expose the audience to the rich Hispanic heritage while showing all the controversial and often critical situations live in our Americas.

Every Sunday 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

Todo lo que concierne a la comunidad latina.

Obras de teatros, entrevistas, informaciones para la comunidad, entrevistas, todo lo que concierne a la comunidad latina.

Everything that concerns the Latin community.

News, music, general information, interviews.